What “format” player-piano disc should I choose for my system?

  • If you have a QRS Pianomation system, choose QRS Pianomation Compatible
  • If you have PianoDisc system, choose PianoDisc Compatible
  • If you have a Yamaha Disklavier system, choose Yamaha Disklavier Compatible
  • If you have a Roland Digital with moving keys, choose WebOnly Format
  • If you have a Kohler Digital with moving keys, choose WebOnly Format
  • If you have PianoForce system, choose WebOnly Format
  • If you have a Baldwin Concertmaster system pre-2006, choose QRS Pianomation Compatible
  • If you have a Baldwin Concertmaster system from 2006 or later, choose WebOnly Format
  • If you have a Wyman Player system, choose WebOnly Format
  • If you have a Suzuki Digital Grand with moving keys, select Suzuki Format
  • If you have a Suzuki acoustic grand with a PianoDisc system, select PianoDisc Compatible
  • If you have a Suzuki acoustic grand with a QRS Pianomation system, select QRS Pianomation Compatible


  • I have a General MidiFloppy Disc or Digital Piano.  Why aren’t all of the albums available for floppy disc or general midi systems?

WebOnlyPiano initially began devloping its product line for the newest models of acoustic player pianos that utilize performances synchronized with digital audio (live musicians in the studio.)  We came to discover that there was a great demand for general midi and floppy discs as well.  But those formats do not allow us to utilize our great audio recording tracks that accompany those piano performances.

So, up to this point, for the most part, the only recordings that are being made available on floppy for general midi are solo piano performances.  There are a few exceptions such as newer releases such as Holiday Classics, Joy To The World, and The Christmas Caroling Songbook as well as the Piano Discoveries interactive lesson series.  We plan on making midi floppy versions of most of the rest of our catalog available in the future, but the re-recording of those titles is currently under development.


  • What are WebOnlyPiano return policies?

WebOnlyPiano guarantees all products to be free from manufacturing defects and errors, and warranties them under normal use for ten years.  (Normal use does not include breakage, scuffing, scratching or any other such abuse.)  Defective products will be replaced once they are returned to WebOnlyPiano.  WebOnlyPiano will pay all outgoing shipping costs, and credit the customer’s on-line store account with the amount of 1st-class U.S. mail (or equivalent) postage to return the product(s) to WebOnlyPiano.

Should the customer order a product or products in error, such as an incorrect format or duplicate, WebOnlyPiano will replace the product(s) with the correct format or another title.  All shipping will be at the customer’s expense.  Such claim must be made withing 30 days of placing initial order.

Other than the above, all sales are final.  We provide on-line audio clips and descriptions to allow customers to preview titles before purchase.  Due to the spread of piracy and unauthorized duplication, WebOnlyPiano cannot exchange titles based on taste or preference.