60's Retro Blame It On The Bossa Nova John Giovanni Review

60's Retro Blame It On The Bossa Nova John Giovanni Review

Posted by John Giovanni on 19th Aug 2018


The Brazilian wave came, covered over America – and the rest of the world – and went down indelibly in history. With some of us the splash never went back out to sea and Rio has been welcomed as our musical sister city as with many successive generations just now discovering the Bossa Nova. Thanks to the pearls of the idiom we are left with the legacies of Jobim and Chico Barque and Veniceus de Morias and all the spawning via voices and instruments since that wave inundated our musical “joy-spot” of heart.

Ed Vodicka was there to ride that wave at its peak and we are grateful that he never put down his musical surfboard. In this album of classic Bossa Nova we can hear the “sit back and just happily listen” or we, especially the “musicicalians” among us, can dig in for the fine points of performance. In either case this is an album to be carried to that island we want to be alone on,-- maybe with some Tequila and Sinatra as well.

A playing of the Bossa Nova requires drive if it’s going to work and that’s exactly what we feel about these musical revisits. Perfection comes to mind not only in the form and substance (selectivity) of these definitive Brazilian works but in a basic element today’s corporate robotic engineers fail to hear and feel in order to bear down and deliver “the overall as well as the bottom line” of the sensitive recording artist. Best said would make it “creativity vs. productivity”. Ed Vodicka is a creator of music first and foremost and the recordings and performances all fall in line behind his God given talent to create and offer it to the world.

To specifically comment on each and every song of the Album would be like judging the power of each wave as it thunders in and ebbs. With the familiarity of the genre we are left at the onset with an expectation tantamount to comparisons and testing. The missing ingredient amidst the plethora of mediocre record productions sessions is an ingredient, --actually “the ingredient”, -- that separates the factors of artistic creation vs. the assembly line production process. This is resounding in Ed Vodicka’s “Sixties Retro Blame It On The Bossa Nova” tribute of musical love; the ingredient is “devotion”.

In order to override the commentary of opinion in the backlash of that same wave recovering the sands of musical time Ed supplied the missing ingredient “Devotion” and that is to the genre of the The Bossa Nova” surfing right along with his indubitably outstanding level of musicianship.

Consider the idiom of each and every meticulously weighed tempo and arrangement on this historical album as the vehicle for impeccably performed monuments of The Bossa Nova expression. It is as though Ed Vodicka has a musical magic carpet with his creative talents primed for the diaspora of flight. It’s his “Devotion” that is the secret to its intricate musical weave.

If there is an everlasting thread of good genius here, -- Blame It On Ed Vodicka's Sixties Retro of The Bossa Nova.

Thanks Ed.

Your friend, critic and fan throughout the many “retros”:

Johnny Giovanni