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CloudConcert System(tm)

MSRP: $2,488.75
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Expected final release date is 30th Apr 2021


Pre-release offer for WebOnlyPiano Customers

  • Imagine…setting up your player piano and listening all night without touching a disc!
  • Imagine…selecting your new songs and playlists from your Smart Phone or Tablet and your piano plays your favorite songs all night
  • Imagine…no matter what your technology is, enjoy the freedom to access your favorite music through our web library
  • Imagine…enjoying live events and new releases in the comfort of your home



We are pleased at this time to announce a Major Technology Upgrade for your player piano system which will ship to you late April, 2021!


Introducing the new WebOnlyPiano CloudConcert System™, creators of the finest recordings ever created for your player piano, now offers our internet-based WebOnlyPiano Cloud Concert System™.



  • Small (cellphone sized) Black Box connects to piano via MIDI and Audio Line In mounts under piano
  • Connects on home WIFI network or Network Cable
  • Plug In power supply
  • Stereo Audio Out to support speaker system
  • Midi Out to support piano performance
  • Encoder integration for velocity and tone
  • Optional upgraded speaker system


  • Connects to website via SmartPhone or Tablet which will then function as a remote
  • Grants complete access to complete WebOnlyPiano Library of recordings, select songs, manage queue, manage playlists, random play option
  • Playback control – volume, start, stop, pause, fast forward, rewind, set timers for playback
  • Website can be accessed remotely
  • Cover art display, metadata by song, by album
  • "By Request" feature, allowing user to choose from an additional 1,000 song list of new, custom recordings

The new WebOnlyPiano CloudConcert System™offers complete internet access to our entire music library for your player piano! The WebOnlyPiano CloudConcert System™ will be:

  • a permanent add-on (not a replacement)
  • installed professionally by a Piano Technician in your home
  • using your home wireless internet access to connect with entire music library

 …direct to your piano!

Schedule a call from Customer Service to find out more from a WebOnlyPiano support staffer!

WebOnlyPiano CloudConcert System(tm) pre-release system package = $1,295.00 INSTALLED! ORDER NOW! 

(an over $2,400 value)

Be a part of a revolutionary moment in player piano history!

WebOnlyPiano announces the launch of its WebOnlyPiano CloudConcert System(tm).  The Cloud Concert System is a small "black box" about the size of TWO CELL PHONES which mounts out of sight under your piano and plugs in to your existing player or digital piano system of any brand!  It connects to your home internet via wi-fi to allow your player piano immediate, online access to the WebOnlyPiano cloud server, providing instant access to the entire catalog of superior-quality player piano recordings.

The WebOnlyPiano CloudConcert System(tm) is now completing its Beta-testing, and we are offering our current and new WebOnlyPiano customers the opportunity to order the system on a pre-general release basis.  The pre-release package will ship in late April 2021.  

We offer the following:

  • The WebOnlyPiano Cloud Concert System(tm) (hardware/black box and connectors)
  • Software user interface for smart-phone or tablet 
  • In-home installation by certified piano technician
  • 2 year subscription to the complete and growing WebOnlyPiano library of recordings
  • An additional 3 year guarantee of discounted monthly subscription fee ($10 per month)
  • 12 "By Request" custom tracks/songs -- created especially for you, at your request from our upcoming 1,000 song menu
  • An additional 12 "By Request" songs if you use PayPal to pay for this order!
  • Full 2-year warranty (especially for this pre-release offer)

The retail, general release price for the above will be:

  • Hardware/black box                        $1,295.00
  • Software                                        inc.
  • Installation                                         275.00
  • 2 year subscription (@$30 per month)  720.00
  • 12 "By Request" songs (@$15.00)        180.00
  • Shipping                                              18.75
  •                                                        _______
  •          TOTAL RETAIL LIST                $2,488.75

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