Dinner Is Served -- Guy Maeda

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Solo Piano

Planning fun and exciting dinner parties is not always easy.  Finding the appropriate background music to accompany that party is even more difficult.  WebOnlyPianolight creates the perfect menu and music solution with a 32-page cookbook filled with 24 irresistable soups, salads and entrees and a compact disc with background solo piano music of classic standards performed by Guy Maeda.

The cookbook recipes are unique and easy to prepare and are designed for the novice or the gourmet cook by Elaine Maeda. It includes soups, salads and entrees such as Curried Crab & Eggplant Soup, Shrimp & Pesto Salad Pizza, and Grilled Pork w/Pasilla & Onion Confit. 

As with all WebOnlyPianolight recordings, the music is designed to enhance . . . not distract from your dining atmosphere.