FREE (with code) WebOnlyPiano Sampler Disc 1.0 (a $49.95 value)

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12 Track Sampler -- (Free* + Shipping with Dealer Promo Code )


Our WebOnlyPiano Sampler 1.0 offers 12 full tracks of music from our library of great recordings for your player-piano, with no commercial announcements or interruptions, specifically formatted for each specific player-piano system that utilize compact discs.

To obtain it for free (actually $0.01 for minimum system processing* plus nominal shipping and handling) you must have obtained a Dealer Code or Dealer Promo Code from your piano retailer. Usually, you may have found out about WebOnlyPiano from our brochure. The Dealer Code is usually printed on the back of the brochure. Or your retailer may have given you one of our cards with their individual code on it, or simply given you the code in person or on the telephone.

In any case, a Dealer Code is required to receive the Sampler for free. If you do not have one, email us or phone us for assistance. Or, if you do not have one you may purchase the Sampler Disc here are as well.  

It features selections from twelve of our exciting titles, including Elton John's Greatest Hits, Volume 1; the Carol King tribute album Tapestry Rewoven; the cooking jazz trio of Ed Vodicka on Let's Fall In Love; Bill Henderson -- Live at the Kennedy Center; Josephine Beavers' homage to the Great American Songbook Yesterday Is Now; the holiday favorite A Shiny New Christmas; Dr. James Lent's Classical On Fire and Classical Contemplation; songs of faith and inspiration featured in Amazing Grace; original music for meditation from The River Of Light; and pop hits from This One's For You, The Music of Barry Manilow and From The Heart, Movie Love Songs.

*The $0.01 charge for the product is required by the system to process your order