Hospitality Series Volume 1 - Solo Piano

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Cocktail Music by Solo Piano for a Small Crowd (for Player Piano CD Systems)

WebOnly's Hospitality Series is the perfect solution to your entertaining and music programming needs. Each volume contains one-hour of music designed - through song selection and instrumentation - to help you create the ideal atmosphere for your party, event or venue. Just like musicians do at a live engagement.

Each disc is clearly marked with large, easy-to-read icons as to the Style of Music, Type of Ensemble and Size of Crowd on both the front and back cover to insure simple disc selection while your event is in progress. Choices include:

Style of Music: Cocktail Music Dinner Music Dance Music
Type of Ensemble: Solo Piano Small Ensemble Large Ensemble
Size of Crowd: Small Crowd Large Crowd  

This series pays a tremendous amount of attention to the detail of an event, and how live musicians would actually play to an audience.  For instance, Style of Music is a very important criterion:  Cocktail Music is always a little more lively than Dinner Music because people are usually talking louder during the cocktail hour than at the dinner table.  And of course, the Size of Crowd is always a factor:  appropriate music for a Small Crowd is going to be quite a bit different than for a Large Crowd.  Small Crowd music, be it cocktail or dinner should always be more intimate and subtle; Large Crowd music should tend to be a bit more flowery or have more energy behind it.  All of these distinctions are considered in the performance and production of each volume of the WebOnly Hospitality Series.

Of course, it's always your prerogative to mix and match types of music together for your listening and entertaining needs.  Many people simply like the Hospitality Series because it's just full of great music!

Volume 1 features Cocktail Music by Solo Piano for a Small Crowd. It is available in all player-piano formats (Pianodisc, QRS Pianomation, Yamaha Disklavier, PianoForce, Suzuki, Roland, Kohler and Wyman), General Midi formats, and as a Standard Audio CD as well.