Pizaz Installation Guide

Please read all the instructions before beginning installation.

The user may want to download the Samsung Tab A user manual, which is found at: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/owners/product/galaxy-tab-a-8-0-wi-fi/

Make sure the tablet is charged with the white power cord.

  • The 12 foot long black cable (included with Pizaz) connects the tablet to the player piano controller.
    • One end is a 3.5 mm single lug plug that fits into the earphone jack of the tablet.
    • The other end has two plugs, one red, one white that go to the “Audio In” of the player piano controller.
    • Plug the two plugs into the back of the player piano controller before you plug into the tablet.
    • The player piano controller has two audio inputs, one “right” and one “left”. The red jack on the cable goes to the right input on the player piano controller and the white jack on the cable goes to the left input on the player piano controller.
      • For some QRS Pianomation units, plug the white plug into the “AMI” Input jack, and the red plug into the Right Input jack.
      • Each brand and/or model of player systems may have different connection configurations. Consult your player system owner’s manual or contact your WebOnlyPiano customer service department for further assistance.
    • Plug the 3.5 mm single lug plug into the headphone jack on the tablet. The headphone jack is located on the top of the tablet.
  • Turn on the Tablet by pushing the top button on the right side of the tablet.
  • Click on the blue “Samsung Music” app on the screen.
  • All of the albums loaded on Pizaz will then be on your screen. Choose an album to play by touching the album on the screen.

  • After you touch the album, the songs on the album will appear.


  • Push the single arrow next to the song title to play.
  • You may hear static and/or a high-pitched whine.  This is the piano information data.  You are hearing it because the mini-plug into the tablet is not "seated" correctly.  Although this sounds non-technical, plug it in and out a few times to make a solid connection.  Also twist the plug back-and-forth a quarter turn (or so) each in the jack to better connect.
  • Set the volume on your tablet at 75%. This will help assure that the data from the tablet is read properly by the player piano controller. The volume key is located on the right side of the tablet, below the power key.
  • The volume at which your piano plays is controlled by the volume control on your player piano control system, not by the volume control on the tablet. If you want to change the output of the sound, use the volume control on your piano system.

For further assistance call or email Customer Service at 1-866-932-0009 or customer.service@webonlypiano.com