Pizaz(tm) Christmas Tablet Player

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'Tis the season to have PIZAZ! ---

Due to the overwhelming excitement stirred by our FULL PIZAZ! tablet player, we've created smaller packages for our most popular Series.

Join the "land of the plugged in" with our Ultimate Christmas Pizaz Tablet.  Our Samsung Tab A comes fully loaded with over 110 award-winning holiday songs, as well as a copy of the 80-song Christmas Caroling Songbook just pitch-perfect for your caroling and sing-alongs.  


Here's what you get:

  • a Samsung Tab A tablet with charger
  • 12' connector cable to your piano
  • Tablet loaded with over 110 award-winning WebOnlyPiano songs (equivalent to 7 compact discs/albums)
  • ability to update your songs from our internet cloud
  • ability to add discs you already have to your tablet
  • 100% trade-up/upgrade credit to our upcoming CloudConcert(tm) System (due 1st half 2021) bringing full streaming connectivity, digital audio and playlist control to your player piano (which will include floppy-disc and digital pianos/systems)
  • The 110 page/80 song Christmas Caroling Songbook with all 80 accompaniment tracks on the Pizaz.
  • Free Shipping (USPS Priority Mail)


Place your order NOW! for our revolutionary Christmas Pizaz(tm) Player tablet for your player piano system.

Our Pizaz(tm) tablet is a state-of-the-art Samsung Tab A system which plugs into the back of your player piano system. (Currently not connectable to system that exclusively use floppy discs or for all-electronic digital pianos.)

The Pizaz(tm) Player plugs in simply to the back of your piano system.  Our customer service team is on hand throughout the holiday weekend to assist you with any pre-purchase connectivity or installation questions.

Be sure to check out the sample clips with the media players right here on this page!