Portfolio of Romance & Jazz -- Ed Vodicka

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Piano with Orchestra

Portfolio provides a collection of standards and contemporary songs, all treated with a warm jazz styling. This rich blend of ensemble work features pianist EdVodicka and includes a thirty-two piece all-star orchestra and strong solo performances by some highly regarded "friends" in the entertainment industry.

This is a re-recording of Ed's audio-only recording from 1987, this version produced especially for the player-piano market. It was recorded with an all-star orchestra at Capitol Studios in Hollywood, and features Jim Hughart on bass, Enzo Todesco on drums, and the stellar solo work of Don Shelton and Rusty Higgins on alto saxes, Andy Martin on trombone, and Nolan Shaheed on trumpet.

Here is an except from Nick Perito's original liner notes:

The words that came to mind the first time I heard this album were "exciting" -- "fresh" -- "innovative". However, after the second and third listenings, I realized they didn't come close to describing the true substance of this collection of beautiful songs -- some old, some new -- all arranged and conducted magnificently by Ed Vodicka. His solo piano playing is an absolute joy -- tender and delicate on the ballads, percussive and dynamic on the up tunes. It warms my heart to hear good music arranged like this (covering so many different styles) and played by a group of musicians who obviously had a wonderful time working with Ed. Their ensemble playing is truly impressive! . . .

. . . You will get the feeling they are "talking to you" -- delivering a soulful and personal message. What a delight! I'm happy this kind of music is still alive and well and thriving in the hands of these talented musicians.

So do yourself a favor. Get comfortable . . . kick back . . . and listen to the musical magic of Ed Vodicka, his piano and orchestra.