Search & Sort by Style, etc.

We have assisgned certain attributes to our recordings.  Through our communications with our customers, we have found that some customers find it useful to search and sort by the following attributes: 


One of the easiest methods is to sort by Brand.  The current WebOnlyPiano Brands are

  • The Studio Series
    • The Studio Series may be either Solo Piano or Piano with audio/orchestra accompaniment.  But by being classified as Studio Series the listener knows that they are listening to a serious piece of music production -- not just background music!
  • The PianoLight Series
    • The PianoLight Series is designed for light piano background music, perfect for parties and entertaining.  Many also contain unique cook books that coincide with the them of the album!
  • The Hospitality Series
    • The Hospitality Series is also designed for entertaining, but is also even more appropriate for a venue such as a restaurant or hotel.  It is programmed in one-hour sets, just like live musicians would play.  And it is scaled for large or small crowds.  But in the end, it's simply great music that is perfect for background or foreground listening!
  • The Holiday Series
  • The Educational Series


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